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When it comes to getting your school mascot put on your schools garments then you will go a long way to find a more extensive range of mascot art than that at Coastal. In fact, take a look at the website and see the vast range of mascots that Coastal already have on file.These are mascots that the art team at Coastal have already designed.

Should you not be able to find exactly what it is that your school needs with the mascots already on offer then Coastal invite you to submit your designs or to work alongside their artists to create the ideal mascot for your school. Although, the range of ascots already on offer through Coastal is one of the most extensive around with over 60 different types and then a huge range of styles to choose from.

It doesn’t matter if you have a mascot for your school that is a Cardinal or a Chief you can be sure that the Coastal team have it covered for you. There are some eye catching designs that can be chosen and if you want to see a mock up of what your school name and mascot looks like on a garment then ask Coastal to show you before you order.