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The large range of sportswear at Coastal Enterprises includes products for every day wear like PE uniforms; bully Tees for playground duty, outdoor wear for school camps and Team Tees for all the different sports played at school. We can produce a custom design for each of your teams for example basketball, football or baseball. Team Tees are very popular with supporters so you will sell more for the most popular teams. Parents and other adult supporters also like to wear the Tees, so you should order extra adult sizes. Coastal Enterprises has all the adult sizes up to XXL in most popular school colors.

Unisex items like PE shorts and sweats can be ordered in higher quantities as these sell fast especially if your school students favor wearing PE uniforms as an every dress. Students then need two or three pairs each, so schools need to order plenty of stock in all sizes to keep up with the demand.

When the winter months approach you need to order in some long sleeved Tees, sweat pants and hooded Jackets. These all sell well and can be ordered in small quantities so that you can gauge the popularity before placing a big order. Additional items for the cooler months will help raise some extra funds for the school and also keep the students looking smart and coordinated.