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A company that has a competent and experienced panel of customer service assistants on board with so much knowledge on all of the companies departments provides very good services. The group of customer care staff at coastal enterprise is highly skilled and is capable of responding to any query or order that you may present. The customer service staff that we have has adequate knowledge on our entire art department, merchandise section, packaging sector and all the products manufacturers. Coastal enterprises can be contacted by phone, mailing us through our postal address, electronic mail and even the traditional fax. If you use the provided contacts to contact our company, you will be served by a team that can help you in the calculation of quantities and make choices on the color scheme and logo sets and will discuss which products will be the best. The extensive online catalogues on all our products can be found on the website. The website is designed in a simple way to ease the navigation and it is supplied with answers to frequent answered questions. When schools are ordering for their new school years in September, the number of phone lines and staff are increased to reduce clients waiting on the call lines. There are special artist for all departments that are always online to help with the clicks of your mouse.