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Many schools are reluctant to order some items because they fear that they will not be able to sell the products easily. For this reason Coastal Enterprises has no minimum on orders and schools can buy a few of each item and discover which lines sell the best. There are always items that will be more popular with students and will catch on quickly, once a few students have purchased them. The customer service representatives at Coastal Enterprises have a good idea of what is popular year to year, because they deal with so many American schools.

At the start of every school year PE uniforms are a good product to have in stock because there will be many students requiring both shorts and shirts. New PE uniforms at the start of the year are a good image for the school and should be encouraged, so that the new students do not stand out too much. Both boys and girls wear the same style of PE uniforms with collared shirts more popular with the girls and round necks are more popular with the boys. The shorts are unisex and the girls like to roll the legs while the boys usually wear them baggy.

Always keep small orders of jackets, hats and long sleeved Tees and these are required periodically by students throughout the year. PJ’s and boxers are also a popular item that will sell all year round.