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When it comes to designing and ordering your school s P.E uniforms Coastal have found that all in all what schools really need is some advice and some ideas on what can be done and what is available to them. At the end of the day it is of course the schools individual choice. Coastal have found that when schools ask for ideas and want to see a basic set up, they are better able to say they want something like the school name large and prominent, or perhaps the mascot to be the main focus. Seeing examples often helps schools get a better idea of what can be done and what is available for them.

Obviously, Coastal encourage the school to have an input on all of the templates and schools are also able to put in their school name and colors as well as their mascot. Coastal find that schools will often look to them to provide recent examples of what works well. They can then fine tune and personalize the designs to suit their individual school and needs. Of course, schools can choose from a wide range of artwork on the Coastal website and they can also discuss any design and suggestions at length with them. Even if you don’t see the design you want on the website that you want, call Coastal and they will do all they can to try and accommodate your wishes.