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Over the last thirty years, Coastal Enterprises provides a large number of high quality designs in P.E uniforms. Moreover, the company enables schools to customize the designs using their school colors and logos. In addition, schools have the flexibility of ordering as many uniforms and accessories as required all year round.

While placing orders, the company’s customer service executives are willing to guide and advice the schools. Certain factors must be considered by the schools while placing the orders. Firstly, detailed written description is important to ensure the correct understanding of the school’s requirements. Secondly, all special requirements must be explicitly stated to ensure that the designers clearly understand the client needs and create an appropriate design that matches the description.

Moreover, Coastal Enterprises web site provides a wide range of sample designs to enable schools to make their decision. Additionally, these designs are customizable to suit your school’s specific requirements, such as colors, emblem, and logo. Our staff personnel are available to provide any assistance that is required by the schools while placing their orders. The schools are advised to have a detailed discussion with our personnel to ensure the uniforms are designed and manufactured as per the given specifications and match all the stated requirements.