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Placing of orders at Coastal Enterprises is an easy process. You don’t have to be there in person to make your orders. There are three easy ways that can be used to contact the company and place your order. Coastal Enterprises have set up a toll free line that its customers can use to reach the marketing team and place orders. If you make a call to Coastal Enterprises offices you will speak to a sales representative who will take care of your enquiries about any product you are interested in. Discussing the specifications of your request and getting assistance from artists and designers can easily be done in a single phone call. You can also order via the Coastal Enterprises website. The website has an easy layout which displays a complete list of products on the homepage and a variety of frequently questions that answers most of the common questions customers posed by customers. You can also order by sending an email request. This involves filling a simple order form and sending it to the customer support team or sales department. You can also send your orders via fax and be rest assured that your request will reach the sales representatives. No matter the method you use to place your orders, you will be attended to promptly. Coastal Enterprises values time and will always deliver your order on time.