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Many schools, both elementary and high schools, have a tendency of adopting animas as their mascots. The most popular are eagles, falcons, bears, lions, cougars and even dragons. A mascot places significance on its symbolic characteristics as a setting of a principle and vision. Coastal enterprises have a huge collection of readymade designs that one can choose from. At coastal enterprises, we have designs that include jaguars, the sun knights, bulls, comets, owls, rockets and many more others. The mascots can be placed on any amount of clothing articles and also accessories such as bags, T-shirts and hats. The introduction of mascots in an institution promotes and builds harmony among the student population by focusing on the constructive behavioral features and characteristics that the mascot displays. The mascot also boosts the spirit and morale of the school and sets them towards achieving the goals and objectives set by the school. The school mascots will be part and parcel of the day to day school social life, therefore the coastal enterprises qualified and talented artist helps the school in the choosing of their mascot and in some cases voting will be introduced to reach the final result. Having a society which is diverse composing of people from different ethnic and religious origins, coastal enterprises have come up with different mascots to cater for all their needs.