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Placing of small orders is a common practice in both small and large schools. When a customer makes an order at Coastal Enterprises, whether small or large, the designs are saved in individual files. This will enable the customer to make the next order without the need for new designs which helps in maintaining the originality of uniforms. For instance, if your designs incorporate dragons or ghosts mascots it would be difficult to produce the same artwork when designed over and over again. Making small orders is economical as it reduces the risk of over-ordering more uniforms than needed. First orders are generally for testing if the product will gain popularity and appeal for students before asking for more orders. Shipping charges are waived for small orders which normally comprises of a single item for each type of uniform or a mixture of different items. You only need to make a single phone call to make a small order and our friendly customer service staff will take care of your order. Orders are always dispatched immediately after printing and can be fast tracked on special request especially if the customer has suddenly run out of stock. Small orders will maintain the school uniforms’ originality and is ideal for schools with low budgets.