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The use of symbols plays a big role in building one’s identification with his or her school. You will find symbols emblazoned on most school equipment such as games t-shirts and even on school buildings. Symbols are an important feature in every school and are mostly expressed as logos. It would therefore be quite inappropriate to have P.E uniforms without school symbols or logos. You might want to know what a school logo really means. Besides providing a unique identification of the school, a logo is also a representation of the school’s history, culture, and tradition. It describes the values a school upholds as well as the origins of these values. A school logo might also describe a distinctive feature or environment of the location where the school is situated. For example, a school logo that incorporates representations of a mountain lion could be related to an existence of such animals in that environment years ago. A logo can also be an attribution to the school’s record of good academic performance nationally. The best time to publicly display your school’s emblem or logo is during sports events that bring together different schools from the same or different regions. A school logo printed on the uniform of a team provides binds the team members together and gives them a reason to defend the honor of their school. You can easily get a customized logo on the P.E kits that you purchase at Coastal Enterprises.