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No matter the sport your school offers — baseball, basketball, cheerleading, soccer — Coastal Enterprises can outfit a team and its fans, coaches, and officials. Your program will look as impressive as your team plays.

A team that wears high-quality, professionally screened uniforms without fail makes a positive statement. On or off the field, it says, “We are winners.” People recognize your team at a glance, and fans clamor to follow their favorite team.

To accommodate fans and players when they are not on the field, Coastal Enterprises offers a complete quality collection that are affordable such as shorts, T-shirts, polos, sweatshirts and sweatpants. Custom art is free with every order. Fans can show pride in their team by wearing the team colors and logo.

Team spirit is essential in building a successful, profitable program. A uniform look — amongst players and fans alike — benefits the program at the gate and during the game at the concession stand. Students want to support their school’s team, and wearing clothing that matches team colors and logos helps this effort. Booster clubs also profit when selling to enthusiastic fans. If the clothing and screening are quality, like that from Coastal Enterprises, fans want to buy it because they actually want to wear it!