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One of the very common inquiries received by Coastal Enterprises executives is on methods to ensure the visibility of long name tags on the P E clothes like the shorts. This is very important to ensure that the clothes and accessories are not lost if they are not properly tagged. Therefore, designing of these shorts requires the manufacturers to include a visible and secured name tag within the shorts before proceeding with the hemming procedure. In other words, parents or students cannot add a name tag after the garment is completed.

Hence, companies that offer clients the capabilities of screen painting as well as sewing can customize the shorts to include name tags for longer names. Coastal Enterprises boasts of both these capabilities within the company, which allows the company to provide high quality long name tags to soak and retain the ink for the entire life of the P E uniforms.

Although, several other competitors manufacture shorts, these provide mini mesh linings with numerous holes with gaps that make writing the names extremely difficult, which fades away very quickly. In comparison, Coastal Enterprises includes a solid name bar along with the school mascot designs, such as elks, cowboys, or lancers. These are durable and do not fade away when the garments are washed every week.