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Do you have a ghost, a greyhound or the general as the mascot of your team? Or maybe your mascot is the ranger, the roadrunner or the rocket? Whatever mascot you have we will have it covered at Coastal Enterprises as we have a huge collection of ready made designs on our website.

Coastal Enterprises have designs that incorporate swans, the sun and surfers and also jaguars, knights and lancers to just name a few. To see the whole collection you really need to visit our website. We can place this mascot on any number of clothing articles as well as accessories like hats and bags. Matching accessories are a great way to look professional when competing with other schools and your students will stand out from the rest.

The range of sportswear available at Coastal Enterprises covers not only the students at your school but also we have products for officials and supporters as well. It is a great way to boost your school spirit to have a unique design in your school colors which represents your school. Both the students and the parents will love the designs and the stylish range of uniforms that are in stock at Coastal Enterprises.