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The sale of school uniforms, particularly sports uniforms and accessories is an important fund-raising method for your school. When schools sell their own supplies they are bringing the profits back to the school to be used to purchase equipment and supplies to make your school better for the students. When schools send students to local stores to purchase uniforms they forfeit all the profits that could be going back into the community. Parents are more likely to feel that their money is wisely spent when they know that the profits are going to the school and benefiting their children. Also it is easy to introduce new styles and ideas through the school where the students can purchase while they are at school saving time for busy working parents.

At Coastal Enterprises there are no shipping costs and prices remain stable throughout the year so schools can order products as they need them without worrying about having stock piles of uniforms that are out of season. Order after order the prices remain the same at Coastal Enterprises. The high quality, low priced clothing produced by our company is popular in low income areas as they really outlast other competitive brands lasting 1-2 years depending how often they are worn.