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Knitwear is popular during the winter months and our beanies sell all year round and are very popular amongst students. Coastal Enterprises has a great range of different knitwear items in a range of available colors to match your school logo. We sell scarves, mittens, beanies with a tassel and plain beanies, cuff hats and ear bands, all with your school name or team name clearly visible. Schools and sports teams can order custom made knitwear to match their sportswear.

To get an idea of Coastal Enterprises range of winter knitwear, have a look at the color range on our website, we have several shades of each color available, to match it up exactly with you other school gear. In the warmer months, many students cover up their school uniforms with jackets, scarves and beanies that don’t match the school colors. Having matching winter wear keeps the students looking neat and tidy and they are recognizable at a glance.

Ordering knitwear is so easy and can be done with your regular order and these items will really sell like hot cakes as they are popular with students and parents are happy to ensure the kids are warm and looking smart. Coastal Enterprises charge no extra fee for art work or shipping and we require no upfront payment to place an order. Get your knitwear designs before winter starts and see what a difference it makes to your school image.