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If your school mascot is the elk, the falcon or the dragon then you want to wear that mascot to all of your school sporting events with pride. What if your school could get some great quality garments that showed off your school colors and mascot so that all of the students and supporters wore them and school spirit and team morale was boosted? Coastal find that this is usually the case when schools take the opportunity to offer high quality and great looking school garments to their students.

Imagine your students going out to play in their sporting team and looking all mismatched. None of the students outfits matching and no real indicator of what school they were representing. This is often the case across our country and it is unfortunate because it really doesn’t need to be this way. Coastal do business with around 80% of the low income schools and found that they are generally always surprised to find that buying a matching, top quality uniform for their child with the school name, colors and mascot on it is comparable to buying a plain set of t-shirt and shorts from Kmart or Wal-mart. Students that represent their school with matching high quality garments have better team spirit and more pride in their school.