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Not all items worn at the school need to bear the school logo and mascot. A few of the items that need not necessarily have a school logo include bags, sports jerseys and other casual wear items. This does not however mean that one should not have a school logo on his or her bag or jeans to show pride and prestige of belonging to a particular institution. The company is always ready to incorporate logos even on such items. Coastal Enterprises values the welfare and comfort of players and the spectators. This is why it has added to its range of products, the flannel PJ’s and boxers to keep the students warm during the cold months. These products are made of double prepared 100% cotton in a lightweight 4oz flannel. In colder months, the demand for these uniforms is usually high which is why you should order early in advance. Carrying home dirty sportswear after a game has always been quite uncomfortable for most students. This is why Coastal Enterprises designed mini mesh sports bag to help students carry home sports gear after use. The bags are comfortable and lightweight and come with a convenient draw string. All the uniforms ordered usually come printed with the school logo.