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Presently, students from middle and high school consider P.E uniforms a fashion statement and are in great demand. However, the dressing for girls and boys is different and Coastal Enterprises while designing the uniforms for the two sexes consider this fact.

Commonly, it is noticed that boys like their shorts to be as long as possible and like it in a baggy style. In comparison, girls prefer their P.E shorts to be short and skimpy to make them appear fashionable and chic.
Often, this creates limitations for the schools that need to order different types of P.E uniforms for their male and female students. This typically increases the cost due to smaller quantities. Sometimes the schools may order more than the required quantities to make the uniforms more affordable. Our company recognizes this problem and offers a beneficial solution for the schools.

Coastal Enterprises provides the shorts in a manner that is appropriate for both the girls and boys. Schools can order these shorts in any quantity and the company does not charge any shipping costs. These P.E shorts are a popular design and your students will enjoy wearing these and are customizable to include your school’s colors and logo.