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We receive multiple inquiries about the difficulty of keeping a legible student name tag on P.E shorts. This is really a problem for parents and students because clothes can easily get lost if they are not clearly named. In order to provide a secure, visible solid name bar it really requires the manufacturer to design this into the shorts before they are hemmed. In other words the name bar cannot be added once the garment is made. Therefore only companies that do both screen printing and sewing can custom produce a manufactured solid name bar. At Coastal Enterprises both of these manufacturing processes are in-house. Our P.E shorts are made to order with a quality solid name bar designed to absorb and hold the ink from a permanent marker for the life of the garment.

Shorts made by many of the competitors do not have a solid name bar, they provide only the minimesh lining which has multiple small holes leaving gaps and making it hard to write a name clearly. It also fades and wears more easily. In contrast the shorts designed and made by Coastal Enterprises have our solid name bar that once the name is written on, it will not fade. The name stays clear and easy to read after multiple weekly washes.