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When your students represent their school do they look like a team? Do they go out with school pride and look like they are serious about the game? Many times schools will put together teams that are all wearing different types of clothing to each other. Sometimes this is the case with the lower income areas. Parents and schools mistakenly believe that good quality school uniforms are not within the student’s budgets and as such the students go out to play against other teams looking mismatched and unprofessional.

Coastal finds that up to 80% of their business comes from the lower income areas. They found that parents and schools have recognized that the competitive price of a Coastal uniform is comparable to a plain set of t-shirt and shorts from Kmart or Wal- art. Their students can go out to play against other schools looking great, like a team and feeling professional with a better team morale.

Many schools are starting to see the benefit of having all of their team and players looking great in a high quality uniform. This can be the same for P.E uniforms. When kids all look the same in the same garments it reduces the competition of wearing designer brands. These designer brands can be very expensive for parent s to afford and many kids simply can’t compete. Great quality garments for school sporting activities means that all the kids look great and the competition to wear other items is diminished.