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Coastal Enterprises has been producing, designing and printing mascots and logos onto school uniforms and sports team wear for over thirty years now. The art department at Coastal Enterprises uses the latest computer graphic software, to design some of the finest sports mascots across the country. Visit our website to see the hundreds of art work ideas that you can use to inspire you. We can brighten up an existing mascot with new inks in vibrant colors, that stands out and gives your team a fresh new look.

Sports teams and schools order all different kinds of sportswear, Tees, bags and spirit wear all featuring their mascot. Popular items are purchased by eager students supporting their favorite team and soon your mascot is visible everywhere. At Coastal we can ensure you get the finest looking mascot for your sports team, we specialize in making your team stand out.

If you are looking for a mascot designer call us today and we can have your first order to you in around 4 weeks’ time, with no upfront cost, it is that easy. Be aware of popularity because a bright new mascot usually attracts attention. Call Coastal Enterprises for further details, or visit our website.