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There are a number of schools -especially in the smaller towns that have been giving their P.E uniform business to their local stores. What schools need to understand is that your students are your captive audience. When you place an order for uniforms through your local small town store, your profits are going to the store and not to the students that need it. What if there was a way that for every uniform that was sold the school received a profit and was able to turn that profit into new equipment or whatever? Think about it; most schools sell sets for 20 dollars. A school can make between 2 and 10 thousand dollars in profit for themselves if this is the case – depending on how many students you have of course. And the best part is that all the profits will be returned to those that need them most – the students.

This means that the school buys uniforms in bulk and passes all the savings savings on to parents. There are no shipping costs, no handling  costs and you can reorder anytime without fear of the price being increased – you get to keep the same great purchase price that you enjoyed with your first order.  Great comments from parents, pe teachers and principals. Parents love convenience and if they don’t have the stuff already or are wearing the inexpensive and high quality shorts from the school they can get he wear out of them. They are the most popular in low income area schools.