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The huge range of available mascots that Coastal Enterprises have on file can be found featured on the website for your easy perusal. Designs include admirals, alligators and angels, beavers, blue jays and bobcats to name only a handful of what is available. Really you will need to visit the website and have a look for yourself to get an idea of just how the wide the range really is. If you are starting a new team then the mascot is of vital importance to build up the popularity of your team.

Coastal Enterprises have qualified and talented artist readily available to assist you should you need to create a new design or to adapt one of our existing designs to suit your needs. Many of the existing designs can be changed to suit your school colors and the uniforms they will be applied to. The friendly staff members at Coastal Enterprises are always ready to be of assistance and are only a simple phone call away.

At Coastal Enterprises we recognize how important it is for schools to show off their mascot at sports days and team events. The school always wants the students looking their best in order to raise school spirit and to proudly represent the school. Supporters and parents alike can also wear the school spirit wear to team events and do their bit for raising school morale.