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Mini mesh is a fabric traditionally used for PE clothing. It is a limp cloth basically made of little holes. Of necessity it has a lining underneath to prevent one’s underwear from showing. It has several disadvantages: It is essentially a material composed of two thin pieces of fabric that from the start do not hold their shape, is not durable when washed, and is not compatible with screen printing.

The greatest concern for some students — as well as a concern of their parents — is how uniforms fit made from mini mesh. It is extremely unflattering on students with larger frames. A concern for all involved is the investment in a uniform that looks sloppy at the outset and does not hold up after washing. Because it is actually merely two thin pieces of fabric, it has no shape and clings to the body.

Coastal Enterprises is happy to announce that mini mesh is a thing of the past as far as they are concerned. They have replaced it with a mesh that is one piece of fabric. On the outside are the little breathable mini mesh holes, but on the backside is a solid brushed type fabric that acts as a lining. This new and improved mesh is flattering on all body types, renders a clean, crisp screen, and is durable when washed. Any student would be proud of a PE uniform made from the new mesh Coastal Enterprises now offers.