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Some schools have several different sports teams as well as a main school team for interschool events. Each team will usually have its own uniform, special team colors and a mascot as well. Coastal Enterprises can handle all these things and deliver a complete set of sportswear for your sports team. All items are coordinated with the team colors and feature small embroidery of the mascot on the uniform. Sweat pants and track suits are offered in matching colors for the colder months or for after night time training. Large sizes in team uniforms are also available so that coaches and parent supporters can wear the team shirts.

You can order a different uniform for each sports team so that each team can be easily distinguished. A sports uniform for teams ensures that the students represent the school in a neat and tidy way, when they visit other schools for sports. Matching bags and hats can also be ordered with the sports uniforms, in matching colors and with the mascot embroidered on them. Remember that Coastal Enterprises charges no upfront cost for all orders and if you order in the summer you do not have to pay until October. There is plenty of time for you to sell the uniforms, make some money for your school.