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If you want to get your P.E. uniforms in time of the opening of classes, you need to act early on. You need to place your order as early as March if possible to avoid possible shipping problems most especially when you come from other states. Between March and April is the ideal time for placing bulk orders from schools outside California. Although shipping to anywhere in the continental USA is not a problem, we urge you to buy early to give us ample time to prepare your order. The P.E. uniforms with team mascot such as a Jaguar design emblazoned and embroidered on both shirt and shorts usually take a bit more time than the normal silk screened prints.

We always want you to feel very important to us and with that, we don’t want to let you down. We always avoid getting to the point of having problems with our customers in terms of delivery. If you order your P.E. clothing in the earliest possible time, the better. We need more time most especially when you require special job done on your P.E. uniforms like the mascot or name embroidery on both pieces of the uniform.