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Coastal Enterprises has been providing all schools in the Continental USA with P.E. uniforms and sportswear for over 30 years. The company’s vast experience has made it adept in handling customer orders. When you do business with us, you can order P.E. uniforms with ease. We make sure that doing business with us is an ultimate and enjoyable experience.

For your orders, you can simply call our toll free number 800-644-3900 or our office number 714-437-7250. Our friendly and reliable staff can assist you and answer your queries with just one phone call. We value your time hence we want to make sure to get everything right the first time. All of the staff members are seasoned, well-trained and knowledgeable with our products.
If it is more convenient for you to fax your order, our fax number is 714-437-7251. You can also place your order via our website, by easily filling in a simple form.

If budget is an issue, we allow school to get items from us without requiring upfront payments. You can sell the P.E. uniforms bearing the school logo to parents and students, and pay us when the first batch of items is sold. The profit may not be much for each uniform but collectively it would be big enough to purchase the things or supplies that they initially don’t have a budget for