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We have frequent enquiries from schools about placing orders for school uniforms and despite the fact that we accommodate small quantity orders we do not always hear back from everyone. Some may be worried that if they over order, they will be stuck with out of season articles of clothing they cannot sell. Coastal Enterprises will take as many small orders as you need as often as you require, this way you are never stuck with stock you are unable to sell.

No extra shipping or set up fees are charged for small or frequent orders so if you are a new customer you may experiment with a small order. The popularity will quickly tell you if this is a success and after some careful research through the parents and the students you can place future orders accordingly. Remember all profits from your sales boost your school and it the students that ultimately benefit in the long run. Coastal Enterprises produces quality merchandise all year round, catering for small orders in all seasons and specializing in custom school logos and name embroidery. So work out the best time of year for selling uniforms and place your order with Coastal Enterprises we will look after you.