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Your order is important to Coastal Enterprises, the proud and renowned suppliers of P.E. school, sport and spirit wear. It is of great consequence to us that your order is delivered to you on time. To assist, we have a friendly and efficient staff available at the end of a phone, during office hours, to assist with enquiries regarding the ‘how, what and when’ of ordering your school’s requirements. You are also welcome to contact us by fax, email or through our website.

To ensure timely delivery to you on the date it is needed, it is essential to submit your order to our offices, as early as possible in the year. The busiest time for Coastal Enterprises is between May and September, as we prepare to manufacture and ship (free of charge in the continental USA) your order ready for the opening of the schools for the new academic year. It will greatly assist us if orders are placed with us anytime from March but no later than June.

Should you be thinking of changing or upgrading your school’s logo, school or spirit wear for supporters, the maxim is ‘the sooner – the better”. Please remember that our designers are available to assist with the design of your mascot. Our style and emblem designers have a wide variety of mascots prints available ranging from alligators, sharks, dolphins and whales to ghosts, yellowjackets, wildcats and wolverines, as well as a whole host of other ideas. They would like to have the time to be able to integrate your new ideas into a fully-fledged stylish outlook for your school.