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Are you planning to start selling P.E uniforms and other sportswear directly from your school for the first time but you are unsure about when to start ordering and what quantities to buy. Our staff are available on the phone in office hours to help with your inquiries and plan you ordering schedule.

The period between May and September has proved to be the busiest time at Coastal Enterprises and we get overwhelmed with order from schools for merchandise and design projects. This is the best time of year to change your emblem or logo if you are planning a change or update as new students arriving are always a perfect way to usher in new designs. At Coastal Enterprises we can assure you that your orders will be ready for the pre-registration of the following year if you place your orders with us in April, May and June at the latest. This way you will maximize your profits and start the year with a financial gain for your school. The account for this pre registration order is not due until the 1st of October so the school has plenty of time to make sales and prepare for the next order.