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When schools order designs for their P.E. uniforms from Coastal Enterprises our company has noticed that many schools just need some sound advice and information about what we have available at Coastal Enterprises. Ultimately the final choice is a decision which is made by the school to suit their individual needs. When clients are establishing a new design for their school, they should include a clear written description of the basic ideas, such as “we need our logo to focus on the school emblem with large school initials in the background using the following colors…”. This makes it easy for the designers at Coastal Enterprises to visualize the exact needs of the client and prepare their design to these specifications.

Coastal Enterprises have a large range of sample designs on their website, which schools can browse through to get ideas for their own design. Templates from our web site can be fine-tuned to suit the exact needs of your school, adding your own school colors, school logo and any other details you may wish to include. The staff members at Coastal Enterprises are always available to discuss these issues at length with the school representative so that your designs and orders exactly suit the requirements of your school.