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P.E uniforms with the school logo is usually sold by the school to the parents and students and would normally require the school to outlay large amounts of money for orders prior to purchase. At Coastal Enterprises we do not require the schools to make any upfront payments or shipping costs for orders. This means the school does not need a predetermined budget and can sell the uniforms to the parents and then pay us for the order. As the profits go back to the school to purchase equipment and supplies for the students so this is a win situation.

It also saves the parent going to shopping mall to buy P.E uniforms for their children when they can order them directly from the school and receive a great quality item brandishing the school logo and one which is always popular with the kids. The uniforms from Coastal Enterprises are stylish and can be adapted to suit the fashion styles both boys and girls. So begin this year in the pre-registration period and you will not have to outlay any money until you have sold your first batch of merchandise and after this your profits will ensure the uniform orders do no interfere with the school budget.