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It’s springtime, which means it’s time to order PE clothing from Coastal Enterprises for delivery in the summer. Coastal Enterprises has developed a program that does not require a budget, only principal approval. Although product is delivered in time for registration, payment is not due until October 1. When a school orders in large quantities, it can pass the savings on to parents, or it can use it for a fundraiser to offset the cost of PE equipment.

Coastal Enterprises values its customers and understands their budget woes. Shipping is always free. Screen printing and set-up are free, too. So, what principal wouldn’t be on board with the PE director who wants PE uniforms for his program?

PE uniforms settle the recurring problem of girls wearing skimpy shorts or boys wearing baggy ones. When your PE program orders from Coastal Enterprises, their uniforms settle the recurring problem with shorts that are too long for girls or too short for boys. Coastal Enterprises has designed one short for both.

Coastal Enterprises’ long mini mesh short is made with a longer rise, which means the girls can roll them up more and the boys can pull them down more, but the school only has to order one length. If you run out of girls size small, you can borrow from the boys’ inventory and vice versa. Ordering one length Coastal Enterprises shorts allows you to swap boys and girls sizes, saving you money on guessing and overstocking various sizes.