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A common mistake schools make in ordering PE uniforms is waiting too late to place an order and not receive their goods in time for the new school year. May through September Coastal Enterprises is inundated with orders for preregistration in August. Coastal Enterprises takes most of its orders by April, May or June at the latest to insure delivery in August. However, payment is not due until October 1, which allows for school budgets.

Too much stock left over is a recurring problem that Coastal Enterprises hears about from schools that have used other vendors. It is an ongoing situation for which Coastal Enterprises has developed an excellent program that addresses the problem. Coastal Enterprises calls it the Inventory Control Program, which tracks a school’s annual sales. It does not track just what a school buys, but what it sells.

Purchases are only half of the picture. It is necessary for a school to look at what it has sold over the years. For instance, if the school had not sold a particular item in three years, Coastal Enterprises is going to discourage the school from reordering that item.

Coastal Enterprises knows that leftover stock and managing a PE clothing inventory is a challenge for most programs. If a school over-orders and cannot sell the stock, then it has spent its profit and cannot pay for the merchandise. Such a scenario helps no one — certainly not the customer.

Schools can call Coastal Enterprises expert sales department at 800-644-9300 for help in ordering. All members of the Coastal Enterprises sales staff are skilled and experienced sales people trained to answer questions as quickly and efficiently as possible so that school personnel does not waste its precious time on the phone. Coastal Enterprises values parents and teachers and is committed to not placing a customer’s call on hold. The customer is always the primary concern of Coastal Enterprises.