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Often many schools avoid placing orders for our high quality P.E uniforms because the management feels that our company will not execute small orders. However, at Coastal Enterprises we understand the importance of smaller quantities and do not shy away from such orders.

School management thinks that if they order a huge quantity of the uniforms and other accessories, they will be stuck with outdated items if they remain unsold. Therefore, to assist schools to overcome such a situation, our company is willing to execute smaller quantities as and when required by your school. This ensures your school does not have unsold and outdated P.E uniforms and other accessories.

Moreover, Coastal Enterprises does not charge a higher shipping cost for dispatching small orders, which is advantageous in case your school is ordering for the first time. Once your school sells off the entire stock and receives a positive feedback, you can consider increasing the quantity with your next order. The profits earned by the schools by selling our high quality P.E uniforms can be used for the betterment of the students and the school.
Our company manufactures these uniforms during the entire year; therefore, you can be assured of receiving any quantity at any time of the year.