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Often schools send inquiries asking if Coastal Enterprises supplies small quantities of P E uniforms and other accessories. Most schools consider ordering large quantities to take advantage of price discounts. However, the schools worry about over stocking products that do not sell and outdated fashion.

This disadvantage is easily overcome by ordering small quantities from Coastal Enterprises. Our company takes as many small orders as required by the schools through the year. Moreover, the prices remain stable, which ensures schools receive the P E clothes at affordable prices in quantities required by them.

Moreover, the company does not charge any shipping charges for delivering the uniforms and accessories. This is a huge advantage for schools that are considering placing their first order with Coastal Enterprises. The schools can also take benefit of the in house designing team to create their school designs, such as greyhounds, eagles, dragons, and numerous more at no extra costs. Another benefit of placing small orders is that schools can witness the popularity of the products and retain all the profits earned on these sales. Therefore, it is recommended you determine the most appropriate order of selling P E clothes in your school and Coastal Enterprises will deliver your requirements without any delays.