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Coastal Enterprises has been providing superior quality P.E uniforms to a large number of schools in the United States since the last thirty years. The high quality of the fabric and the customizable designs make these uniforms very popular. Therefore, it is recommended that schools provide adequate time while placing orders to receive the uniforms on time.

However, the company has become proficient in managing the tight schedules of the schools’ requirements. Our customer service executives provide proper guidance and assistance to the schools to plan and place their orders in a timely manner.

Commonly, the schools place their orders between May and September every year. Hence, these are the most appropriate months to design the school’s logo to enable the company to execute your customized P.E uniforms.

To qualify for the pre-registration period of the next academic year, the schools must place their orders during the months of April and June. Moreover, the schools are not required to make any upfront payments to the company for placing their orders. The first payment can be made after the school completely sells off the first batch of the P.E uniforms. The due date for being in time for pre-registration is October 1, which provides schools adequate time to sell the uniforms before the commencement of the next academic year.