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Coastal Enterprises receives many enquiries each year from schools wanting to start selling uniforms themselves. After they realize how easy it is to use uniforms as a fund raiser, without having to outlay any money before your order. Our art department prepares your logo in school colors ready to be screen printed onto any items you select from our catalogue. We suggest that first time buyers choose PE uniforms, which are an everyday item that will quickly smarten up the school look. Students and parents are always impressed by the great price and the high quality of our PE uniforms.

Our experienced customer service staff can guide you as to what quantity of each item to order for the first time, as they have many other schools to compare with. As you do not need to pay for the order until October, there is ample time for you to sell some uniforms. Many schools place a re-order when they pay their account for the last order, ensuring that they have uniforms in stock all the times. Small orders are fine for when you run out of popular items or sizes and these can be made throughout the year. Once we have your logo on file, it is simple to print up some extras in a mixed range of products.