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Coastal Enterprises are very proud of their record in the school clothing industry. They have built their reputation through their friendly and efficient staff, many of whom have travelled the long haul with the company. They supply helpful and knowledgeable information to ease the transition for schools, into being the retailers of their own school wear.

The company has made it easier for schools to order and supply the clothing needed by their students. In doing so, they have enabled many schools to benefit from their excellent service of high quality clothing as reasonable cost. As a result of free shipping across the continental USA, coupled with only having to pay on 1 October, many schools have been able to plough back the profits into improving their facilities.

The wide inventory supplied by Coastal Enterprises enables schools to expand their united outlook. Matching sports wear, coupled with matching spirit wear, such as bags, hats and clothing imprinted with the school mascot, has raised unity among students and given them confidence and pride in their schools.

The Spirit wear design department is always willing to help you choose the appropriate emblem or mascot for your school. They have a wide variety of mascots prints readily available such as Sabres & Swords, Spartans, Mariners and other nautical themes. They are only a phone call away.

Friendly and approachable staff is available throughout office hours to answer any queries regarding clothing, emblems and sundry items. Customer’s queries, whether by phone, fax, emails or from their website www.coastalenterprises.com are quickly answered.