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Coastal Enterprises was established three decades ago by a dynamic lady who was unsatisfied with the quality of P E clothes available for the schools and the extended time taken for delivery. Today, the company is a single name that all schools across the country access to meet their uniforms requirements. Coastal Enterprises specializes in sports wear mascots and spirit wear.

The PE uniforms available include unisex designs, which are appropriate for boys as well as girls. The shorts can be rolled up for those girls who prefer to wear shorter clothes. Numerous styles for the neck designs are available to ensure players find the most suitable style for their personal needs. Even if the students choose different neck styles, the colors and logos are constant that enable them to portray a unified appearance to distinguish their schools.

The schools can choose the appropriate mascots from the predefined designs, such as cowboys, pioneers, rangers, and rebels. The company provides clothes for the parents and supporters along with a wide range of accessories, such as bags and hats. The material used to manufacture the designs is of a high quality, which provides durability and cost efficiency. The P E clothes are available in all sizes, which include child, youth, and adult sizes.