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Today’s students are extremely fashion conscious. The boys have very different ideas from the girls, and as they have to wear the clothing, Coastal Sportswear and P.E. Clothing have gone to great lengths to design sports clothing with this in mind.

Generally, boys are keener to wear long, baggy shorts low on their hips. They pull them as far down as they can before parents or teachers intervene! However, girls love to show off their legs, and look for shorts that are very short and scanty. If they aren’t short enough, they roll them up until they are.

Each feels they are making a fashion statement, a fashion statement that has caused headaches for the designers of P.E. Clothing. To overcome this problem, Coastal Enterprises, the proud suppliers of P.E. Clothing have developed a style to suit both. The unique design can be adapted to be rolled up and look great on the girls or worn long, low and baggy to suit the guys.

These shorts can be manufactured in the school’s colors and be embossed with the school’s mascot clearly visible. Should you wish to upgrade or change your mascot, a wide variety of options from Blue Jays, Owls, Falcons or Swans to more freedom art oriented mascots are available from Coastal Enterprises Spirit Wear Design Department. Students of all ages, from middle school through university will enjoy wearing these amazing ‘hot’ style P.E. shorts.