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PE uniforms are extremely popular with both boys and girls and are often used as an everyday uniform in many schools. Schools can sell PE uniforms themselves, using this as a fund raiser and keeping business local. Coastal Enterprises has designed a PE uniforms that suits both boys and girls, because the style is versatile enough to adapt for both. The legs of the shorts can be varied; so that boys can wear them long and baggy as they do, and for girls that prefer the skimpy look, they can be rolled up to look shorter. The shirts of the PE uniform are also a unisex style that can e ordered in v neck, round neck or button up style, with or without a pocket. Each school can decide on a specific style or they can mix and match various styles to suit the different tastes of students. Featuring the school logo each style matches in color and logo, so students still look smart and tidy even if they choose mix and match styles.

A mesh bag for dirty PE uniforms is another popular item with schools and the PE uniforms are cheap enough for each student to have several sets for the week. Parents love the PE uniforms as they wash easily, colors do not run or fade and they do not need ironing.