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Do you see your team at a glance? Is it easily identifiable?

The latest addition to the P.E. special products is a Graphic Design Department. It has a wide variety of school mascot prints, which can be emblazoned onto any of our products. Michael, who leads the Spirit Wear Design Department at Coastal Enterprises, is great at designing ‘hot’ new graphics to strengthen your team spirit.

Some great new ideas have been added to the ‘Mascot’ library and many of the existing mascot prints have been upgraded with brighter colors and new designs. There are now over 100 different themes including some unusual ideas such as democrats, freedom art, lucky art, nautical prints and mariners, suns, stars and rockets to name just a few. A full catalog of ideas can be viewed on the www.coastalenterprises.com website. There are exciting videos to be viewed giving further information as to ordering, design, making up screens and printing. All of these services are available free of charge.

Imagine your teams and their supporters sitting on the bleachers with their Stadium Seats, Caps, Hats, Bags, Sweatshirts and pants ALL brightly printed in the school colors with their mascots in full view. What a sight it will be. Don’t delay! Call Michael now at 714-437-7250. He’s eager to discuss not only his latest designs and colors for team Spirit Wear, but his team can even help you to design your very own mascot.

Remember, once you have decided to order your Spirit Wear from Coastal Enterprises the whole process, from design to print screen is free of charge.