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School pride means that the kids that are wearing their uniform do so proudly and are ambassadors for their school. This can be built by all the kids wearing the same designs and the same style of uniforms for P.E. When kids feel proud of what they are wearing then they can feel proud of their school as well.

Coastal have created their own label which was developed along the line after years of being in the uniform business. The owners of Coastal have taken a little from all the best that they have seen along the way and integrated it into their own label design. The result is basically the best P.E uniform in the business. Kids feel proud wearing a uniform that represents their school and their parents can be happy that the uniform they have purchased for their kids will last them a long time and know that the comfort is there. Let’s face it kids won’t wear it if it doesn’t look good first, and second if it is uncomfortable.

Coastal know that looking great is one thing but having a quality garment is the most important factor to any clothing item. They have satisfied the kids that wear them by producing a great looking uniform and make the parents happy that they have spent well in getting the best for their dollar.