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School children are very fashion conscious especially when it comes to P.E uniforms, adjusting the length and tightness of their clothes to what is fashionable and trendy each year. Sports uniforms worn by the older, more senior students are always a winner with younger students moving up to that level. For instance middle school children can’t wait to get out of their middle school uniform and wear a high school uniform. Schools can take advantage of this selling opportunity and keep stock on hand to sell to these students.

Allowing the middle school students to start replacing worn out P.E uniforms with the new style they will be using the following year, is not only practical but it is a sure way to sell good quantities of uniforms directly from your school. In practical terms they will be preparing for the following year and not having to buy clothes which they will only use for a few months.

Coastal Enterprises encourage schools to prepare good quantities of school logo products well before the end of the year to attract the younger ones moving up at the end of the year. Order early and make good profits for your school to start the new season.