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Uniforms are important because they represent you school making the student easily recognizable. Most students wear their uniforms with pride knowing that they are ambassadors for their school and parents, students and other citizens can also easily see from which school a student is from. PE uniforms need to be stylish so the students wear them with pride as they should. Coastal Enterprises has developed a PE uniform which suits both boys and girls and can be adapted easily to suit their sense on fashion. The boys usually wear their PE shorts pulled low down with the legs longish and the girls prefer to roll up the legs and wear them skimpy. Our design is suited for both preferences making it economical for schools to purchase. The versatile unisex style has become popular all over the United States in many schools. The PE uniforms are also extremely long wearing making them popular with parents as well.

The great price of our PE uniform, even after we have printed you school logo on each article is cheap enough that there is room for the school to make a profit. Popular styles are usually purchased by around 70% of students. Coastal Enterprises takes orders as small or large as you need and you can order extra print runs at any time.