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Legislators and local school boards may argue over funding for physical education (PE) classes. However, there is no debating the fact that one athletic supplier has it all. From PE shorts to team uniforms Coastal Enterprises has the best prices in the country, superior quality and friendly service.

A school’s PE program can get a professional look with custom screen printing. Artwork, hot graphics, and screens plus set-up fees are all free from this athletic supplier. PE students definitely respond to the crisp, unified look of screen-printed PE outfits. PE shorts and shirts imprinted with a school’s name and logo improve not only the overall look of a PE class, but students’ attitudes improve as well. The investment in PE clothing is well worth the money — especially when a school purchases uniforms from a reputable supplier like Coastal Enterprises.

PE uniforms also improve hygiene and safety. With physical education classes comes students perspiring. If the PE program does not require that PE shorts and shirts be worn, the child will probably return to class wearing sweaty everyday clothes. No student — regardless of age — wants to sit around in sweaty clothes all day.

Some clothing is inappropriate for gym class. For instance, tight jeans or a short dress would not be suitable PE attire. The jeans may tear or obstruct proper physical activity. Any kind of dress as well might obstruct PE performance plus be too revealing, especially in a co-ed PE class. Either item would become wet with sweat and uncomfortable to wear in the regular classroom.

For these reasons, a school should contact a dependable PE clothing supplier like Coastal Enterprises. Their screen printing is free and they keep the school’s screen on file for quick reorders. Free shipping reduces the cost of PE clothing as well. A school’s PE program cannot go wrong with Coastal Enterprises.