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When schools think about selling PE clothing, they worry about competing with the local sporting goods store. Small schools especially wonder how or why they should compete with a commercial business. However, there is one big advantage to a PE program when it sells Coastal Enterprises clothing to students at the school.

While patronizing local merchants is desirable, the money students spend at the school for PE clothes in turn directly supports the school. In many cases, a small town only has one high school and possibly two middle schools and one junior high. In today’s economic climate, a small school system is often faced with budget cuts, which normally impact programs like PE classes. Equipment is expensive, and PE classes need a lot of it with which to maintain a successful program.

A school doesn’t even have to make a huge profit per item to make enough extra money to offset budget cuts. Coastal Enterprise’s PE uniforms are so popular with students, that a school sells large quantities, thereby netting sizable profits.

All of the profit from the sale of merchandise to students goes directly back to the PE program. These sales benefit the student in two ways: They receive superior, uniform clothing from Coastal Enterprises while their school makes enough profit to keep a quality PE program going.