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Coastal Enterprises wants a school’s PE uniform program to work for both school and parent. The easier it is for the parent to purchase PE clothing at the school versus at a local store, the more sales the school will make. A successful uniform sales program is like a perpetual fundraiser for the school that almost runs itself.

For this reason, Coastal Enterprises helps promote the school’s PE uniform program. The uniforms are delivered to the school in the summer in time for pre-registration. Coastal Enterprises also provides a flyer to include in the preregistration packet so parents will know that uniforms are available and the price. This information deters parents from purchasing clothes that do not match from a local retailer. Instead their children will have the school’s PE uniform, and payment is not due until October 1, which accommodates both parent and school.

Because of Coastal Enterprises’ deferred payment plan, most uniforms are sold at preregistration. Of course, students can purchase PE clothing at registration also, as well as year round. The extra money that a school makes can then be used to purchase uniforms for students who cannot afford them. With the help of Coastal Enterprises, a school’s PE uniform program normally generates extra money for various needs.