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Physical Education (PE) is a required class in almost every school across the nation. The PE uniform is an integral part of any successful PE program. In many high schools and middle schools there is no requirement for PE clothing. However, Coastal Enterprises knows a free dress code can cause problems, especially among the girls.

Girls’ sportswear can be too tight, too short, or immodest. This situation can cause a lot of problems for the teachers, parents, and administration. In boys and girls gym classes alike, the lack of uniforms and wearing whatever a student brings from home is often cause for competition. This friction can disrupt class and at the very least creates unnecessary problems for the school.

Requiring PE uniforms is a simple and easy way to solve these problems. In addition, selling the uniforms through the school is a way to raise much needed funds for most PE program.

Coastal Enterprises will screen print a school’s name on any PE uniform, plus a quality name bar so students can keep track of their uniform. Screen printing is free and so is shipping. An added feature at Coastal Enterprises is doing the art work at no charge. This service is such a plus for schools with new uniform requirements and do not know where to begin. Coastal Enterprises is a full-service supplier with the customer in mind.